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Services We Provide

Box Support is a U.S. based, third party service provider, dedicated to providing instant technology and computer support for homes and small businesses.

tech support

Computer & Technology Support

  • Support for Computers, Printers, Routers & More
  • Repair and Recovery Services
  • Maintenance & Enhancement Services

computer optimization

Computer Optimization

  • Startup Optimization
  • Registry, Hard Drive & OS Clean
  • Add On & PUP Removal

computer security

Computer Security

Antivirus isn’t enough anymore. We provide enterprise strength security services for our users.

software installation

Software Installation

Software installation can be complicated if not done by an experienced user due to the technical steps involved. We can do this work for you in a fast, efficient and hassle-free manner.

tech support

Computer Repair

Through our network of over 1,500 professionals, we provide repair services to various devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, and more. No matter the technology, Box Support will provide the best quality of services available.

virus removal

Virus & Malware Removal

  • Deep Scan for Viruses, Spyware and Malware
  • Diagnosis of the presence of any Malware
  • Malware Removal & Remediation
  • Computer Hardening & Optimization

I am so pleased with the service I received from the technicians from Box Support. I feel they could not have done a better job upgrading my computer and giving me the necessary information to get help, if I need it in the future. I will tell everyone I know what a wonderful online security company you have and the best customer service any business could offer.

Dianne Hauser, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I experienced an excellent time with one of the Box Support technicians during the cleaning of my computer. He was very professional and quite knowledgeable about what the problem was and how to correct it. He was very friendly, exhibiting confidence that the problem will be corrected. Having a previous experience in seeking technicians like him, I have a base from which to make this observation. Employees like the one I dealt with at Box Support are valuable assets in today’s complex technical world.

Alexander Jackson, Highland, Indiana

I had a serious problem with my MacBook Pro and was angry and frustrated. The technicians at Box Support calmed me down and I explained to them my problems. They took over my computer and within a half an hour they had me up and running. I highly recommend Box Support for its efficiency and reliability.

Donald Replogle, Uniontown, Ohio

I appreciate Box Support and their other computer techs helping me correct serious problems on my computer. I am back online and able to get my email now. Thank you for having very qualified tech’s to help with AOL.

Leon McCaa, West Monroe, Louisiana

... how pleased I was with the assistance I received today from Box Support. I had no idea how infected my computer was, I just knew it was very slow and I was getting constant pop ups. I called because I couldn't open my e-mail. I am so glad I called. Both the intake person and the technician were wonderful; very professional and very helpful. They explained everything very clearly so I had no trouble understanding everything. Thank so much ...

Donna Shipka, Westerville, Ohio

Greatly appreciated all the help and support. They were very kind and clear to explain what they were doing.

Nancy Yost, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Box Support did very well with any problems I had and they seem to be very professional. I am hoping my computer problems do not happen again. Thanks.

Michael Durant, Charlotte, North Carolina

Box Support was very helpful, they answered all the questions I had as many times as it took me to understand. I am very pleased with the company...

Michele Clark, Sicklervile, New Jersey

Thank you for the fast and efficient manner in which you cleaned up my computer. I was even thinking of getting rid of it and getting a smart phone instead.

Virginia Turner, Clackamas, Oregon

Disclaimer: Box Support is an independently owned, U.S. based, third-party technology support provider that assists with software and hardware related problems. Affiliation with any organization, brand manufacturer, software provider, internet service provider or email provider is not implied unless expressly stated. Any company names, brand names, trademarks, images and logos belong to their respective owners. The services provided by Box Support may also be offered by the brand owner.